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TokToKey is based on blockchain with multiple payment options integrated such as Credit Cards and Crypto Currencies.

Purchasing products anywhere in the world instantaneously from multiple merchants with a singular transaction has never been easier.


Decentralised Ecommerce Platform

Built on Blockchain TokToKey ensures multiple advantages not only for users but also for merchants. Utilising open source technology and being dectralised, TokToKey enables clients to get what they want securely and merchants can supply without having payment delays, or international transaction restrictions, as TokToKey is not bound to any singular currency or Cryptocurrency.

Ecommerce Features

A blockchain based ecommerce platform for all merchants

Desktop Application

An application for Merchants and customers for Windows/Mac/Linux to sell and purchase products world wide.

Mobile Application

Browse, buy and Scan any video, audio, image or even live products to pick up singular or multiple products simultaneously.

Web Platform

Web based platform where all desktop features are included.

Marketing Platform

TokToKey can send push notifications of various products of interest to users according to their profiles as well as options to be included in any global promotional offers TokTokey makes.

Campaign Support

Any brand campaign or festival can be incorporated and will be supported to link singular / multiple / combined products to the particular running campaign or event.

Reporting and Anaylitics

User Data can be securely collected and supplied, only by consent of the user, to merchants for product / market / GEO-Analytics research with multiple criteria. Each merchant’s individual product sales and performance data are also supplied in a monthly report. Custom Reports can also be requested.

Open Source

All code is open and transparent for any person to review and any contributions are welcome.


As the application is built on blockchain there are no singular servers hosting data ensuring security and encrypting sensitive data which is split over the network.


Connection to our systems and customize any connected application incorporating selected services.

Instant Transaction

Payments can be made in FIAT, virtual currencies as well as crypto currencies listed. Every transaction that takes place utilises a multi person / entity smart contract which secures all transactions and shipping.

Merchant Accounts

Merchants can register and load as many products as needed as well as integrating their current e-commerce platform into the system via API allowing atomization between both platforms.

Blockchain Based

TokToKey uses decentralised databases which stores the information securely, transparently and traceable for customers and merchants.

Verified Stores

All stores have an opportunity to become verified sellers to prove their authenticity. The platform allows for verified store filtration searches.


In case of undeliverable or return of goods TokToKey has a mediation staff to client and merchant issues.

Delivery Tracking

All packages in delivery services can be tracked.

TTK Desktop

Desktop Application

All features are comfortably encompassed into one desktop application for Windows, Mac OS and Linux

Store Management

Merchants can register store, manage store and products, pull reports, inventory management, support, order managment and delivery options as well as verification all in one application.


Users can download the application, shop, filter by brand / product / merchant / verified merchant, view previous orders, track shipping and manage their profiles all in one easy to use desktop application.

TTK Mobile app

Mobile Application

The TokToKey mobile application is designed to not only allow users to search for the products but also interact using the content recognition feature. This feature allows users to scan any video, whether it be a movie, tv advertisement, music video, etc. and find a product placed within or a full outfit as well as products linked to that particular video clip.

These video scanning features are also built for audio such as music, radio adverts, etc. and printed media such as magazine adverts, billboards, etc. Apart from these great interactive features, the application allows you to purchase the products within the application or locate a store within your vacinity to view the product and purchase it.

Further more the application can also scan products live allowing people to find the products / services they encounter while socialising.

Mobile Application Infrastructure

Below you can find a flow digram of the infrastructure of the TokToKey Infrstructure.

TTK Flow process

Mobile Application Video

The application uses a simple scan and buy approach as well as a standard search function

Queless & Cashless

TokToKey has the unique feature built in to support events with a full queless and caschless solution. Vendors and merchants can register their store within the application and sell their products or services without ever having to touch any cash. Users can scan menus, logos, etc and order from multiple vendors and merchants simultaneously and pay with a singular transaction without the need to stand in any que.

Apart from that, whenever a band is playing and the users would like to either purchase the clothing they are wearing on stage or any product related to the band, TokToKey can utilize it's audio scanning feature to pick up all products related to that particular song or band playing.

TTK Cashless and Queless

API Integration

TokToKey has a fully automized API allowing merchants from product management to order processing features.

Merchants with E-commerce Platforms

Our API can integrate seamlessly with an existing e-commerce platform allowing full integration and automization features.

Merchants Without E-commerce Platforms

Our platform allows merchants without any e-commerce platform to customize their store entirely and act as if it is their own ecommerce platform.

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